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The Dream Goes On

Exoto was incorporated in the state of California in 1986. The corporate name is a simplified abbreviation for "EXclusive AUTOmobiles".

Ever since its inception, the corporate objective has followed what is now a 40 year Keusseyan family tradition in the vast automotive field; offer the best or nothing.

Initially, the product line included custom fit, soft auto accessory items such as car covers and floor mats. These were successfully marketed nationwide under the brand name: Exoto's Coverup. Over a decade ago, the company turned its attention and efforts towards the miniature automotive collector market and in a few short years, Exoto Inc. had the largest selection and most distinguished line of automotive collectibles, memorabilia, and related art form.

Today, Exoto continues to thrive, internationally, in its field with multiple-brand marketing and is preparing to expand its offerings into the luxury  lifestyle segment. From catalog and point-of-sale retailer, to distributor and wholesaler, to manufacturer; the objective never changed and the dream goes on.

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