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Q - How do I order online?
A - You can order online at by clicking the "Buy Now" buttons throughout the site. The web site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience!

Visit the Product Catalog for a complete product listing. Please see our Shipping Charges chart for the costs of shipping to the U.S., Canada and International destinations. For a list of countries that online orders can be accepted from, click here.
Q - Are my online orders secure?
A - Exoto uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology in conjunction with the Verisign/PayPal secure Internet payment system, providing safe and easy-to-use Internet shopping. Your personal information is protected by the highest standard commonly used on the Internet for credit card purchases. Verisign/PayPal is the most trusted name in online credit card transaction processing and, combined with SSL certificates from Comodo, ensures that your online purchases are as safe as possible!
Q - What do I need to know before placing my order?
A - All sales are subject to Exoto's Conditions of Sale. Merchandise exchanges or returns must be first authorized by our Customer Service department within 7 business days of receipt. Absolutely no merchandise will be exchanged or accepted back without a return authorization number, or after grace period fo 7 business days. Store credit only will be given on returns. No cash or monetary refunds. Exchanges and returns are conditional on merchandise, including all hardware, wires, and printed matter being returned, unused in their original package. Absolutely no returns on special orders, or custom made items. A restocking fee of 30% will be charged for returned or cancelled orders.
Q - After submitting my credit card information I get an error message, what can I do?
A - If your credit card is declined, contact your credit card company or issuing bank. Credit card transactions are handled by Paypal/Verisign.

If you saw another type of message and do not understand what you should do, please help us to assist you by clicking here to tell us about the specific error message you received and the time and date you attempted to place your order.
Q - Why do I have a charge on my credit card even though my order failed?
A - Some purchase attempts that fail result in an "authorization" attempt that puts a hold on funds. This is rare, but when this happens it often appears on your credit card balance for 2-3 days before automatically being removed from your credit card balance. In some rare circumstances it can take up to 10 days for a hold to fully clear. If you still have unexpected charges/holds after 10 days, please let us know the date of the order and charge amount.
Q - My country is not available on your online order form, why not?
A - An excessive number of fraudulent credit card payments from certain countries means that we are only able to accept online orders received from those countries on our list. Residents of other countries can call +1-805-530-3830 to inquire about other payment method options.
Q - How do pre-orders work?
A - Please refer to our Pre-Orders FAQ page.
Q - Why can't I find some items from your printed catalog on the Web site?
A - Exoto is focused on producing the very best die-cast collectibles on the market today and in the future. We will no longer be stocking most non-Exoto products; please call +1-805-530-3830 for availability of non-Exoto products.