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Please note that the Payment Plan may not be available on all the time.

Q - What is the Payment Plan?
A - Exoto's Payment Plan allows customers spending a minimum amount to spread the cost of their purchases over 4 months. After the fourth successful payment your order will be shipped immediately! This layaway plan also guarantees the availability of the item(s) purchased, which can be particularly useful for limited editions.

Q - How do I choose to use the Payment Plan?


A - When the program is active, the "Turn On Payment Plan" button will be visible at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. Click it! (See the illustration to the right.)

Q - How do I qualify for the Payment Plan?
A - Simply place an order worth a minimum of $500 and this option will be presented to you on the Shopping Cart page. (The minimum amount is subject to change without notice and is always displayed in the "Payment Plan" information box at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page.)

Q - How many payments do I make?
A - All orders using the payment plan are made in four (4) easy payments.

Q - How much are the payments?
A - The order subtotal (before shipping and taxes, if applicable) is divided by 4. Shipping and taxes (if applicable) are then added to the first payment. For example, if you purchase items worth a combined $797.90, your first payment will be:

  $797.90 ÷ 4 = $199.46 + shipping

and the next three (3) payments will be $199.48 each. (If you live in California, the full California sales tax amount will also be added to the first payment.)

Q - Are there interest charges?
A - Exoto's Payment Plan is 100% interest free.

Q - How long does it take to be approved?
A - Approval for the Payment Plan is instant.

Q - When will my credit card be charged?
A - The first payment will be charged immediately upon receiving your online order. The second instalment will be charged to your credit card on approximately the 15th day of the next calendar month. For example, if you place your order on September 30th, the second payment will be charged to you on approximately October 15th. The third and fourth payments will be charged on approximately the 15th day of each subsequent month.

Q - What if my credit expires soon?
A - Orders using the Payment Plan cannot be accepted when the expiry date on your credit card is insufficient to accept all the instalments.

Q - What are the shipping costs?
A - Shipping costs are exactly the same as with one-time payment orders and pre-orders. Please refer to our Shipping Charges chart for the costs of shipping to the U.S., Canada and International destinations.

Q - When will my purchase be shipped?
A - Shipping will occur immediately after the successful completion of your fourth payment.