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Q - Why isn't the model I received the same as the one photographed in the catalog or online?
A - Models photographed for the Exoto catalog or Web site are often manufacturing prototypes and details may differ from the final production item. Exoto reserves the right to change prices and/or specifications without notice.
Q - Why does my Corvette Grand Sport have four Goodyear tires and a Firestone spare tire?
A - The Grand Sports left the GM factory with Firestone tires, yet the teams that raced them switched to Goodyear tires. Naturally, there was no good reason to spend the extra money for a matching spare on a race car so this is how they raced and Exoto has been careful to be historically accurate. (Applies to RLG18022, RLG18023, RLG18024.)
Q - Why does my Chaparral 2 have Goodyear tires instead of Firestone tires?
A - Item RLG19141 is the restored Chaparral 2. The car is currently owned by Jim Hall's Chaparral Racing and runs on Goodyear tires. Historically accurate versions of this car will feature the historically correct Firestone tires.
Q - Why is my Porsche 935 Turbo missing the wire mesh over one or both of the NACA ducts over the rear fender?
A - The first Porsche 935s were equipped with one mesh cover on the right side only. Later 935s sometimes had mesh covers over both ducts, but most often the later models appeared without any mesh covers.
Q - I saw reference to an upcoming item, can you confirm this?
A - Exoto cannot comment on the accuracy of any rumors regarding forthcoming items.
Q - Are Exoto models available as kits?
A - No. All current Exoto releases are fully-built die-cast replicas.
Q - Can the drivers be removed from cars that include driver figures?
A - No. Driver figures cannot be removed without damaging the miniature replica and/or driver figurine.